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Honduras: A life of exile

Reporters Plus France 24 — 2019

The images have toured the world in the recent months: thousands of migrants from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador have gathered to take the road, on foot, towards the American border.

An exodus with an uncertain outcome, punctuated by the acerbic tweets of Donald Trump, to a country where they will have to make a difficult choice: live underground, or start a long process of asylum application, when applications are rejected in 80% of cases.

What are these migrants fleeing? Misery and violence, of course. But a decisive factor has been overlooked: the terrible drought that has plagued Central America since 2014. A climatic phenomenon, aggravated by the exploitation of natural resources, in favor of mining or hydroelectric megaprojects, which affect 177 rivers in Honduras.

A meeting with the inhabitants of Reitoca, who fight to defend their river and continue to feed the village. A hundred of them have already emigrated to Durham, North Carolina, where they support the struggle to protect their water resources.